Ever wish you could get better at connecting with, strengthening, and trusting your own intuition and your connections to your own angels and spirit guides?

Are any of these true for you?

  • I think I’m “a little intuitive” but I don’t know when it’s my intuition and when it’s just the junk in my head.
  • I feel like I have guardian angels but I don’t know who they are. I really want to meet them, and I want to get them to help me.
  • I try to work on my intuition sometimes. I even bought a book about intuition once, but but I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing! I wish I had a teacher.
  • My hunches are often right — but I never realize it until after the fact. I want to learn how to trust myself more so I can use my intuition when it matters most.
  • I keep seeing the same number or animal or symbol over and over but I don’t know what it means.
  • All this intuition and psychic stuff is so fascinating to me, but my family and friends think it’s weird. I wish I had friends who “get it” who I could talk and share with.
  • When I did that meditation exercise at your workshop, I got into that receptive, intuitive state easily. But when I try to do it on my own, I get distracted and have trouble connecting.

If any of this sounds familiar,  you are exactly who I created my new My Intuition 365 program for!


Here’s how it works:

You’ll get weekly e-mails with fun lessons, activities, and hands-on assignments with the best techniques to strengthen your intuition;

You’ll receive guided meditation audios to download and listen to each week;

We’ll meet virtually every month for live group webinars, teleseminars, and “Intuitive Work-Out” sessions with Jamila;

You’ll get 24/7 access to my private, online Facebook community so you can connect, share, and practice what you’ve learned in between the live sessions;

You’ll have access to exclusive members-only group coaching calls with other leading psychics and intuitive experts; and

You never have to worry about missing anything because I’ll make the ALL audio recordings from all live sessions available in the members-only area of this website.

There’s just one requirement for getting the most out of this program: do the exercises! Intuition is like a muscle — practice makes it stronger. Over time, you’ll be able to get “connected” more quickly, and more easily. And your confidence will grow. And I’ll personally help you through it.

Seriously: I’m putting my whole heart and everything I know about intuition into this program. Everything! I’m not holding any secrets back. I’m so excited about My Intuition 365. I’ve been working hard to make this amazing and fun for you!


Other program details:

  • Because this is a brand-new program, I’m offering membership in My Intuition 365 at a low introductory rate of $29 per month.
  • After the introductory period, the rate will go up for new members. If you join now, you’ll lock in the $29 introductory rate and it will never increase — as long as you stay in the program without interruption.
  • You can cancel your membership at any time. If you rejoin later, you rejoin at whatever the current rate is at that time.

Our next live webinar will be on Wednesday, November 29 at 8pm ET / 7pm CT:
“Integrating and Trusting Your Intuition” with Jamila and special guest Mike Brazell
(Members: Log in for details.)

OK, Jamila, Sign Me Up!